The Research for Impact initiative has been a transformative experience, shaping my perspective on research and innovation. The acquired knowledge has not only broadened my understanding of advanced methodologies but has also instilled a proactive and collaborative mindset. As I move forward, I am equipped with the tools to contribute meaningfully to innovative projects, inspire my students and foster a culture of continuous learning within my academic community.


As l draw down my R4i experience, l leave Innov8 Hub with a clear focus of becoming a more efficient researcher guided by the principle of solving problems after taking a more critical look at the problem statement. From now onward, my research output is for value addition and venture creation. This R4i experience provides me a second chance to revisit all the idle research on my shelves because l am now built with a new optimism of adding value to research by henceforth solving problems that only benefit communities and humanity.

Education TETFund Innov8

Honorable Minister of Education and Executive Secretary of TETFund Visit Innov8 Hub, Witnessing Powerful Collaboration

Education, TETFund, Innov8: Introduction On February 27th, the Federal Minister of Education, Prof. Tahir Mamman, alongside the Executive Secretary of TETFund, Arc. Sonny Echnono, visited Innov8 Hub, a leading innovation hub in Nigeria. This visit highlights the growing recognition of …

Honorable Minister of Education and Executive Secretary of TETFund Visit Innov8 Hub, Witnessing Powerful Collaboration Read More »


Words are not enough to summarise my R4i experience, as this is a lifetime opportunity to be inspired on how to be creative, innovative and positively impact the society. This journey started on a note that it was going to be like the usual workshop where you attend and enjoy the ambience of a place away from home, but I was later proven wrong. Right from the first day, it had been a wonderful exposition which stimulates me to love a problem with my heart but never be in love with a solution, as solutions to problems keep changing.

My R4i Experience: TAIBAT AJIBOYE

My first day at Innov8 Hub started with so much excitement until a certain teacher would constantly pick on me, I would constantly ask myself “why me again?” “what have I done this time?” little did I realize he had a lot of knowledge to give and was really particular about wanting me to consume as much as I could; which I eventually did because we, the youths, are indeed the future of innovation research.


The Research for Impact initiative opened the door to a paradigm shift in my approach to research and innovation. With 23 years of experience as a researcher, I initially approached the program with a sense of familiarity, centered on traditional research practices. Little did I know that my journey at Innov8 Hub would be a catalyst for profound transformation.

Mohammad Balteh

My R4i Experience: MOHAMMAD BALTEH

My first thought about R4i was that I will be taken away from the comfort of my home and family to yet another ‘as usual’ academic workshop one is used to, for two weeks! This was my feeling from the very first day I was nominated, down to the very moment I arrived in Abuja. But that feeling was completely changed, in fact, ‘Regret’ can never be a word to mention about The Research for Impact initiative.

Nura Umar Kura (PhD)

My R4i Experience: NURA UMAR KURA (PhD)

On the first day of R4i, my colleagues and I were teasing each other, wondering what could an Innov8 Hub programme teach a university professor for up to two weeks? On the plus side, at least we will go home with our DTA. But then we were in for a big surprise, changing the way I look at everything. For the first time in many years, I found myself speechless. In fact, by day three I had an out of body experience into the world of endless imaginations full of hope.

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