Inspire inclusion

Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress


Inspire Inclusion: In honor of International Women’s Day, Innov8 Hub recently hosted a special event dedicated to celebrating the achievements of entrepreneurs worldwide. Centered on the theme of entrepreneurial leadership, the gathering aimed to inspire innovation and empowerment within diverse communities.

A remark by the Honorable Minister of Tourism, Lola Ade-John, the special guest of honor at the event, was delivered. She gave a goodwill message felicitating with the remarkable achievements of Nigerian woman.

Embracing Emotional Intelligence in Leadership:

Led by the Special Advisor on innovation at Innov8 Hub, Engr. Betty Ugona, the event featured a compelling panel discussion titled “Embracing Emotional Intelligence in Leadership.” Esteemed panelists Jacki Goren, Ogo Ifeoma Akabogu, and Achenyo Idachaba Obaro shared insights on the importance of emotional intelligence in driving effective leadership.

Inspire inclusion
Inspiring Entrepreneurial Journeys:

Adejoke Lasisi, founder of Planet 3R, and Kafilat Adedeji, founder of Ufarmy, took the stage to share their remarkable entrepreneurial journeys. Their stories of resilience and innovation captivated the audience, emphasizing the significance of harnessing individual strengths and passions.

Showcasing Innovation at the Fair:

The event also featured a fair where entrepreneurs and social enterprises showcased their products. From eco-friendly creations crafted from recycled materials to cutting-edge solutions, participants like Achigreens, Planet 3R, and Mitimeth demonstrated the transformative power of entrepreneurship.


As we reflect on this celebration of entrepreneurial spirit, let’s reaffirm our commitment to empowering and supporting innovators worldwide. Together, we can cultivate a brighter future driven by creativity, resilience, and collaboration.

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