Coding and Robotics Holiday Camp

Let your kids acquire 21st century tech skills while working on fascinating projects in collaboration with other brilliant kids.

Software Development

Robotics and Coding

Graphics Design

Photography & Video Editing

Python for Fun

3D Printing Technology

Internet of Things (IoT)

Fashion Design


Ceramics and Pottery

Project-Based Learning

Students will work on project-based topics to solve problems while gaining the knowledge and skills needed. This will open them up to an authentic and engaging approach to innovative learning approaches they could apply to solve problems even after this Bootcamp.


Logiscool Courses (Additional Cost)

Logiscool globally teaches children coding and digital literacy in our fun-based after-schools. Our curriculum is world class certified – Education Alliance Finland.

Available Camp Courses are:

  • Roblox Game Design Camp
  • Lego WeDo Camp
  • Minecraft Camp

For Enquiries

Technical Partners

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