From University of Nigeria, Nsukka

My experience at Innov8 Hub is the most fantastic New Year’s gift I have ever had. The program exemplifies a dream come true for me as an adventurous and young creative educator with a passion to become an astute scholar, with nation-building in mind. For over a decade, I have observed the use of several styles and pedagogies in classroom learning, but I have never witnessed any such pattern as is demonstrated here at Innov8 Hub.

The R4i initiative beats my imagination, as it turned out to be greater than what I ever thought. Right from arrival, through the entrance, to the work stations and on to the galleries, I felt an aura of inexplicable uniqueness and excellence as we were systematically led through each phase of the training. The structure at Innov8 Hub is a magnificent sight to behold, not just in mere imagination but in reality, which is evidence that we have more than what it takes to compete with international standards. Innov8 Hub is a perfect picture of the ideal work environment. Its beautiful combination of colors exudes professionalism and confidence, mixed with dignity and royalty spiced up with modesty and majesty, graced with wealth and completeness, exemplifying an outstanding picture of its vision.

The experts comprise a passionate crop of dedicated young minds, exuding strength and professionalism in every move. I have seen in this workforce, a matchless company of vibrant soldiers, unified, and in one voice chanting out loud a single message in their every action: ‘Nigeria can be great again’. The facilitators’ bright exhibition of intellectualism, alongside a graceful style of content delivery, showcased preparedness and rigor as they insightfully
connected every single dot with the aim of leaving no stone unturned. They are a powerful blend of diversified educators with shrewd business acumen and an elegant display of ingenuity. Within the first week of participation, I sensed an inner release within my spirit and an upsurge of strength that liberated me from the shackles of obscurity and plunged me into the victorious realms of self-actualization. This kept me in awe of what the second week held ahead

I consider that within the Innov8 Hub lies the solution to Nigeria’s greatest problems. Its strategy of assembling the talented, vibrant, and young Nigerian population with a focus on capacity-development, through harnessing their underlying potentials, is the sure way forward to Nigeria’s rebirth. The R4i initiative has challenged me to advance beyond pure research to applied and practical research. I have now been empowered to move this same innovation to the next phases (from paper to product), culminating in its commercialization. This would be my own way of practically impacting lives and improving the welfare of people in society, beyond the walls of the classroom. With these exposures that I have received and the insights that I
have garnered, I am prepared to go back and take up new challenges in my career, and I visualize success at every phase.

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