From University of Maiduguri

R4i is the greatest collaboration I have ever seen or being involved with in my academic pursuit. This capacity-building initiative aims to reorient the Nigerian academia towards carrying out value-added research that will solve societal problems directly and practically by transforming research findings from paper work into innovative and finished products. The program has expanded my reasoning horizon towards research and development. My 10 days stay at Innov8 Hub will remain one of the most memorable experiences in my academic career. This is an experience that leaves a lasting impression in my academic life. The knowledge gained and chain of relationships and networks built at the program remodeled my understanding of research and development; as well as social relationships.

The Research for Impact initiative has greatly benefited both my career development as a Mechanical Engineer and my life as a lecturer. The training was revolutionary, impactful, educational, enlightening, inventive, innovative and fascinating. It has taught me something new about the essence of research. The knowledge gained at Innov8 Hub under the R4i program has opened a door to innovation and career development. It has also taught me how to approach research from needs, demand and problem-solving.

Throughout the R4i program, I especially enjoyed my interactions with all the staff members of Innov8 Hub, because of their unwavering dedication to their jobs. All of the facilitators and staff members showed a high degree of tolerance, hospitality, experience, love, care and expertise. They also exhibited excellent, highly effective, and superb time management skills. The quality of their deliverables, especially the impactful sessions, as well as the prototype development, were excellent and motivating.

I firmly acknowledge that even before returning to my institution, I have begun applying the knowledge I had gained about innovation and interpersonal relationships with my students and co-workers. Furthermore, I’ll return home and improve on my earlier research to obtain patents, look for collaboration opportunities with other professionals, and generate income.

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