R4i 11

R4i 11: Research for Impact Initiative Returns

Introducing R4i 11, the latest chapter of the Research for Impact (R4i) Initiative, hosted at Innov8 Hub. Collaboratively organized by TETFund and Innov8 Hub, this initiative shines a spotlight on Nigerian Academia, empowering them to shift their research from mere publications to groundbreaking innovations aligned with global standards. In doing so, R4i fosters the Triple Helix Synergy, connecting Government, Academia, and Industry in a dynamic partnership.

R4i 11: Unlocking Innovation Potential

Throughout previous editions of R4i, more than 40 functional prototypes have emerged, each holding the promise of commercialization and the potential to address critical challenges within Nigerian society and beyond. As R4i continues to evolve, its impact on innovation and societal progress becomes increasingly evident.

R4i 11: Opening Event Highlights

The R4i 11 opening event marked a milestone in this ongoing journey towards impactful research. His Excellency, Mr. Edward Singhatey, a director at Innov8 Hub, delivered a warm and insightful welcome address, providing an in-depth introduction to Innov8 Hub and the R4i Initiative. Following this, Engr. Betty Ugona, an R4i Facilitator, delivered an inspiring welcome message, encouraging participants to embrace the limitless possibilities of the R4i spirit.

Participants were then introduced to a team of experts who will closely collaborate with them throughout their stay at Innov8 Hub. Subsequently, each participant had the opportunity to introduce themselves, their respective institutions, and their areas of expertise, fostering a sense of camaraderie among the diverse group.

R4i 11: Foresight and the Road Ahead

R4i 11 extends over a 10-day period, during which participants will embark on an educational journey encompassing comprehensive courses, processes, and procedures crucial for developing functional prototypes. These innovations will align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring that they contribute to addressing global challenges.

R4i 11: A Vision for the Future

Under the visionary leadership of Arc. Sonny Echono, TETFund and Innov8 Hub have jointly initiated this initiative. Its transformative potential extends not only to Nigerian Academia but also to broader societal development and the creation of innovative ventures. Initiatives like R4i have the power to create a ripple effect, strengthening the triple helix synergy that binds academia, government, and industry in a unified pursuit of progress.

As R4i 11 unfolds, we anticipate witnessing the birth of innovative solutions and groundbreaking collaborations that will shape the future of research, innovation, and solution in Nigeria.

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    A good place that is doing great things…transforming ideas to practical and commercial use. Its a place of value additions. Makes real what seemed impracticable in Nigeria.

    1. It’s indeed been an awesome experience being a participant in this great program that promotes idea combination and producing results with commercial value. I have never felt happier in my whole life as the feelings I have right now.

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