R4i 17

R4i 17: Unlocking a New Chapter of Innovation

R4i 17: Introduction

A thrilling new chapter of the Research for Impact initiative (R4i) unfolded today, January 15th, 2024. This collaborative effort between TETFund and Innov8 Hub has been a game-changer in Nigerian academia, empowering lecturers and researchers to transform their ideas into solutions with global impact in view.

R4i 17 brings together diverse teams of 5, each composed of academic minds from universities and polytechnics across the nation. Participating institutions include:

  • Ramat Polytechnic, Maiduguri (TEAM 1)
  • Bayero University, Kano (TEAM 2)
  • University of Nigeria, Nsukka (TEAM 3)
  •  Delta State Polytechnic (TEAM 4)
  • University of Lagos (TEAM 5)

Throughout their R4i journey, these teams will tackle challenges aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Guided by Innov8 Hub’s resident experts, they will translate their research concepts into tangible solutions, culminating in the development of functional prototypes.

R4i 16 Recap

R4i 17: A Grand Opening

The 17th cohort’s inauguration kicked off on January 15th, 2024. After a warm welcome, participants were treated to a video recap of the previous edition, offering a glimpse into the program’s objectives.

Mr. Edward Singhatey, Director at Innov8 Hub, delivered a captivating overview of the organization and the R4i initiative. He inspired participants to fully immerse themselves in the program’s activities.

Engr. Betty Ugona, the Hub’s Special Advisor on Innovation, then took the stage. Her powerful message encouraged participants to embrace the “Triple H-Model” – Harnessing Hands, Head, and Heart – emphasizing the holistic approach to innovation.

Next, participants were introduced to the team of experts they would collaborate with during their ideation and prototyping journey. The opening event concluded with participants introducing themselves, their areas of expertise and institutions.

R4i 17: Cultivating Innovation and Venture Creation

Participants at R4i 17 embark on a journey with the potential to reshape the landscape of Nigerian academia. They will explore frontier technologies, refine their skills under the guidance of seasoned experts & mentors, and benefit from world-class facilities. This fertile environment, fostered by Innov8 Hub, empowers them to transform their ideas into impactful solutions that drive societal and national progress.

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