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R4i: A Journey from Ideas to Prototype and Value Creation


Research for Impact: Within the Nigerian Academia, some of the most novel ideas with potential for socio-economic development, are born. These ideas, cutting across various fields, hold the potential to recalibrate the fledgling state of the economy while simultaneously creating value for human capital. 

However, academia often limits the impact of most research ideas, concentrating on publications that end up being published and becoming stale over time.

Against this backdrop, TETFund in collaboration with Innov8 Hub deemed it expedient to create the Research for Impact (R4i) initiative, to build the capacity of members of the Nigerian Academia. This program uses accelerated innovation to translate research into innovative solutions, in line with the United Nations’  SDGs. 

R4i 17: A Successful Conclusion

Group photo of Batch 18 with the Management and facilitators from Innov8 Hub

As the 17th batch of R4i concluded, the end goal of developing functional prototypes was evident. The organizers shared participants into 5 teams, categorizing them based on their institutions. The different teams developed the following prototypes:

  • Team 1 – (Ramat Polytechnic, Maiduguri) developed ‘GrowitPellets’ a pelleted form of fertilizer that not only addresses nutrient leaching into the soil but also releases vital nutrients gradually. 
  • Team 2 – (Bayero University, Kano) developed ‘King Sorter’ an automated solid waste sorting machine. 
  • Team 3 – (University Of Nigeria) developed ‘BUZYLENA’ a social learning platform to help the ease of learning for working-class students. 
  • Team 4 – (Delta State Polytechnic, Otepe Oghara) developed ‘Better Dry’ , an innovation for rubber processing with 20-minute drying time. 
  • Team 5 – (University Of Lagos) developed ‘LyfPower’ an improved, cost-effective and reliable energy storage system.

R4i 18: On the Road to Innovation

The 18th cohort of the Research for Impact initiative commenced their journey on the 22nd of January, 2023. Cut across 5 teams from different tertiary institutions in Nigeria, they are currently on the journey towards prototype development. They will undergo critical processes and procedures fundamental in addressing challenges within society and creating value from their ideas. 

R4i 19: The Dawn of a New Chapter

The 19th batch of R4i commenced today, the 29th of January, 2023. 20 Participants, grouped according to their institutions, will over the next 10 days address critical challenges within the society in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals; and develop functional prototypes through the support of technical experts at Innov8 Hub.

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