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Research for Impact: Cohort 13 Commences at Innov8 Hub


The Research for Impact (R4i) initiative is back in action with its 13th cohort. R4i, a collaboration between TETFund and Innov8 Hub, remains at the forefront of Research and Development, with a unique focus on generating ideas from the Nigerian Academia and transforming them into impactful solutions.

Within 10 days, participants in their teams, will tackle challenges arising from the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, achieving this through accelerated innovation.

R4i 13: A Hybrid Opening Event

This edition of R4i takes a hybrid approach, welcoming academics from Universities and Polytechnics across the nation. The opening event featured a warm address by His Excellency, Mr. Edward Singhatey, who introduced participants to Innov8 Hub and provided a concise overview of the R4i Initiative.

The stage was then taken by R4i Facilitator, Engr. Betty Ugona, who introduced the participants to the human essence of innovation. She notably presented the Triple H model: Head, Heart, and Hands, highlighting their critical role in emotional intelligence.

R4i 13: Meet the Participants and Experts

Throughout their stay at R4i 13, participants will collaborate with a team of technical experts from Innov8 Hub. These experts, introduced during the opening event, will provide valuable support to the teams in developing their prototypes. Additionally, participants had the opportunity to introduce themselves, their institutions, and areas of specialization. .

R4i 13: Strengthening the Triple Helix Synergy

The Research for Impact (R4i) Initiative aims to usher in a new era of societal development by addressing pressing challenges. This remarkable initiative, led by TETFund in collaboration with Innov8 Hub, harnesses the combined power of academic ingenuity and industry expertise, further reinforcing the Triple Helix Synergy among Government, Academia, and Industry.

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