Research for Impact 6.0 Commences at Innov8 hub

The Research for Impact (R4i) Initiative 6.0 commenced today at Innov8 Hub. The R4i participants, carefully selected through nomination, converged at Innov8 Hub today for the Opening Event.

About R4i

The Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) collaborated with Innov8 Hub to conceive the Research for Impact Initiative. The program, spanning 11 days, specifically caters to members of Nigerian academia from public institutions. These participants aspire to transform their research ideas into innovative solutions.

Participants of R4i 6.0 at the Opening Event

Research for Impact 6.0: Opening Event

At the opening event, Innov8 Hub extended a warm welcome to the participants and provided an overview of the expectations for R4i. Each participant then introduced themselves, their respective institutions, and their areas of specialization. Subsequently, they were enlightened about the core objectives of the R4i.

Innov8 Experts, who will closely work with the participants, were introduced next. They will be offering guidance to participants in realizing their goal of transforming research ideas into prototypes.

The lead facilitator of R4i then proceeded to provide detailed information on the R4i initiative to participants. He guided them through an exploration of societal challenges and team formation, aligning efforts with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The Research for Impact Initiative is an innovative concept that addresses the gap between research, development, and innovation in Nigeria. Over 11 days, participants will immerse themselves in practical steps and procedures required to accelerate innovation and transform ideas into tangible solutions.

Research for Impact 6.0: The Triple Helix Synergy

The collaboration between TETFund and Innov8 Hub for the Research for Impact Initiative is particularly significant at this time, as it challenges the notion that ideas from the Nigerian Academia are no longer impactful or relevant. By promoting economic diversification through innovation, this initiative strengthens the Triple Helix Synergy among the Government, Academia, and Industry, driving societal development and advancement.

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