Six Quick Tips to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

The process of delivering public statements is known as public speaking. Recent research has shown that up to 75% of people suffer from Glossophobia. Glossophobia is a prevalent phobia which is the fear of public speaking. It isn’t a dangerous illness or chronic disease; it is just the medical name for fear of public speaking. Fear of speaking in public is a typical form of anxiety that most of us have experienced. Individuals with glossophobia may avoid speaking in public, as they typically experience fear and anxiety when speaking in front of a group.

This anxiety may not be restricted to talking to large audiences alone; these people may also have difficulty speaking in meetings, classrooms, groups, etc.

Being tense during a public speaking event affects the way the message is going to be passed or the quantity of the message. Fearful presenters frequently try to avoid the audience in the hopes that this would reduce their level of anxiety.

For instance, many speakers avoid eye contact with the audience to avoid “the judgmental look”. But the problem with this is that you would also not notice when your audience seems more interested or have questions.

You tend to focus more on your thoughts when you don’t have audience contact. And if you are a nervous speaker, your thoughts are bound to be negative and unrealistic.

As a nervous speaker, efforts to hide your fear so that it would not be noticed create additional fear. It just adds to the anxiety that you already feel.

– Ayooluwa Oluwafemi

Tips for Overcoming your Fear of Public Speaking

There are various ways one can overcome the fear of public speaking, some of which include;

  • Practicing out loud;

Do well to practice out loud, as it is one of the most crucial points. It would help if you practised because reading in the head doesn’t exercise your vocal organs; reading out loud does—practice in front of your family and friends for honest feedback.

  • Do some deep breathing;

Take two or more deep breaths, and this can be very calming. Take long, deliberate breaths before stepping up to the stage and throughout your speech.

  • Get organized.

 Prepare the content you wish to offer ahead of time, including any audio or visual aids. The better prepared you are, the less worried you will be. If possible, visit the place you’ll be speaking and review available equipment before your presentation.

  • Familiarize yourself with the space

arrive early and, if suitable, get on the stage; if not; imagine the audience and where you will stand on stage. Check that all equipment, such as a laptop or projector, is operational.

  • Understand your audience

will you be speaking to a group of specialists or someone who is unfamiliar with the subject? Being aware of your audience can assist you in structuring and preparing for your presentation. You should always know more than your audience does.

  • Don’t memorize your speech

committing your entire speech to memory and then forgetting even one line of it might cause things to spin out of control and leave you unable to remember the rest of it. It is far better to know the essence of what you want to communicate than memorizing your speech.

Preparation is the key to conquering your fear of public speaking. Solid preparation would make you feel more confident and comfortable with the whole experience and it makes you more confident in your capabilities as a fantastic public speaker.

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