TETFAIR STORIES SO FAR: On the Road to Venture Creation


TETFAIR STORIES SO FAR: With TETFAIR’s third Bootcamp in full swing, teams have converged once again at Innov8 Hub, fueled by the shared ambition to catapult their prototypes to new heights of design and functionality.

TETFAIR STORIES SO FAR: Accelerating with Brake Pads (TEAM 16)

In the intricate operation of motor vehicles, very few components hold as much importance as brake pads. This essential element stands as the guardian of safety, wielding the power to halt motion and forming an indispensable cornerstone within the vehicle’s architecture.

Startling statistics brought to light by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) reveal an average of 18.5 million brake pads imported into Nigeria from 2000 to 2011. The troubling reality is that this trend persists, a result of fledgling productivity within industries. The repercussions are deeply felt, as numerous brake pad manufacturers have succumbed to the weight of exorbitant import costs, an issue passionately articulated by Professor Hussaini Doko, the former Director General of Raw Materials & Research Development Centre (RMRDC).

In the face of these formidable challenges, TEAM 16 at TETFAIR stepped forward. Comprising academics from Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi, well-versed in materials science, mechanical design, and corrosion, they stand determined to disrupt the anomaly prevalent in the brake pad production industry. Members of TEAM 16 include Prof. Tokan Aje, Prof. Ademola Adisa, Associate Prof. Bawa Mohammed and Peter Gai. Their mission unfolds through the exploration of locally available alternative materials, with a particular focus on the abundant resource of Basalt in North-Central Nigeria.

TEAM 16 working on their prototype alongside Innov8 Hub experts

The TETFAIR Market Validation phase witnessed a strategic distribution of questionnaires to three prominent transportation companies. The consensus resounded clearly—there exists a resolute appetite for locally-produced brake pads that can confidently compete with their imported counterparts. Delving into meticulous research, TEAM 16 unveiled two primary factors contributing to Nigeria’s substantial market loss: reliance on imported spare parts and the pressing issue of inadequate durability. Guided by experts and mentors at Innov8 Hub, their unwavering determination fuels the refinement of samples for their newly conceived brake pads, while concurrently engineering a meticulous testing apparatus to scrutinize prototype performance.

Through the dynamic terrain of the TETFAIR journey, TEAM 16 encountered a notable challenge in the form of accessibility to the dynamometer—an indispensable element for their developing testing rig. 

TEAM 16’s vista gleams with the promise of a groundbreaking achievement: the creation of a brake pad poised to rival global benchmarks. Their innovation voyage stands as a living testament to innovation in action, encapsulating the very spirit that underscores the essence of TETFAIR. 


Nigeria’s agricultural sector plays a significant role in its economy, providing employment and contributing to the nation’s food security. Livestock farming, including cattle, sheep, and goats, is a crucial component of this sector. However, there exists a pressing challenge in accurately monitoring and managing livestock growth, health, and productivity due to the absence of reliable and efficient animal measurement devices.

In response to this challenge, TEAM 1 at TETFAIR have embarked on a transformative journey, culminating in the creation of ANiMeD Rig—an ingenious non-intrusive, touch-free solution that nurtures animal welfare while accurately gauging weight and linear body measurements. This pioneering endeavor assembles a dynamic team of academics from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. Prof. Ayotunde Adebambo and Dr. Ayorinde Olanipekun, luminaries in the domains of animal breeding, molecular genetics, and Electronics and Control Engineering, synergize their expertise to actualize this innovative concept.


Every step in the evolution of ANiMeD Rig has been marked by an intricate fusion of insight and effort, from conception to realization. The arduous Market Validation phase thrusts the team into the spotlight, shining a revealing light on customer interests and genuine challenges, thus invigorating them to amplify their creation through heightened awareness. This invaluable phase, marked by profound information dissemination and enlightening experiences, is instrumental in shaping the current refinement of their prototype.

TEAM 1 working on their prototype with Innov8 Hub Experts

Navigating the often-turbulent sails of prototype development has been no small feat for TEAM 1. Challenges like fine tuning scale accuracy, seamlessly integrating cameras, and ensuring robust connectivity have tested their mettle. Yet, undeterred, they persevere, poised to transmute their challenges into stepping stones on the pathway to innovation.

With the transformative Bootcamp’s culmination in sight, TEAM 1 envisions a horizon where they have conquered obstacles, thereby paving the path for a device that stands not only as a technological marvel but also as a commercially viable solution. This revolutionary creation aspires to captivate the interest of investors, sponsors, agencies, and patrons, laying the foundation for widespread industrial and commercial adoption.

Join us on this remarkable journey as we celebrate the fusion of innovation and ambition, encapsulated in the journey of TEAM 1 at TETFAIR. Witness the birth of ANiMeD Rig, an emblem of progress that is set to revolutionize livestock management, empower farmers, and contribute to the metamorphosis of Nigeria’s agricultural landscape.

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