TETFund's TETFAIR third Bootcamp

TETFAIR: Third Bootcamp Commences at Innov8 Hub


Today marks the commencement of the third Bootcamp of the TETFund Alliance for Innovative Research (TETFAIR) at Innov8 Hub. This collaboration between TETFund and Innov8 Hub is tailored to empower Nigerian academics. TETFAIR has the ultimate goal of transforming ideas into impactful innovations, solutions, and thriving enterprises.

The initiators have exclusively designed the inaugural edition of TETFAIR for faculty members hailing from public universities across Nigeria’s six geopolitical zones.The TETFAIR journey has encompassed several phases, beginning with the inaugural Bootcamp, followed by the market validation stage, and the subsequent prototype development Bootcamp. The third Bootcamp will center on meticulously refining and advancing the prototypes currently in development.


Encompassing critical domains of economic and societal significance, TETFAIR’s spectrum of focus includes Agriculture & Food Technology, Environment, Energy & Sustainable Economy, Health & Accessibility, Information Communication Technology, Security, Transportation, Aviation & Shipping, and Streamlining/Enhancing Production Processes.

Third Bootcamp

Once again, participants gather at Innov8 Hub, fully immersing themselves in the third TETFAIR Bootcamp. The paramount objective is to elevate their prototypes to unparalleled levels of refinement. Over the span of two weeks, participants will engage in close collaboration with accomplished experts and mentors at TETFAIR. This synergistic effort aims to meticulously refine their prototypes, enhancing the potential for these innovations to evolve into prosperous ventures.

TETFAIR: The Driving Force

The driving force behind this initiative is TETFund, under the visionary leadership of Executive Secretary, Arc. Sonny S.T Echono. Thanks to the foresight of the fund, academics can now effectively connect theoretical concepts with innovative practices. This catalytic process has the potential to traverse the journey from ideation to venture creation, ultimately fostering a culture of enterprising success.

In essence, TETFAIR’s third Bootcamp marks a pivotal moment in the journey towards empowering Nigerian academics to become torchbearers of innovation, propelling their ideas from conception to thriving enterprises that make a lasting difference.

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