The Research for Impact (R4i) Initiative 8.0 Commences at Innov8 Hub

Impact, Research, & Nigerian Academia: Strengthening the Triple Helix Synergy

The Research for Impact (R4i) Initiative commenced today at Innov8 Hub, Abuja. It marks the continuation of an exciting collaboration between the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) and Innov8 Hub. This ground-breaking initiative aims to foster research, development, and innovation within the Nigerian Academia.

Specifically designed for academics in Polytechnics across the country, R4i 8.0 edition will span over 11 days. Participants will immerse themselves in critical processes, procedures, and courses essential for transforming research into innovation. In addition, R4i strives to reinforce the Triple Helix Synergy among the Government, Academia, and Industry.

A cross section of R4i 8.0 Participants and Facilitators

The Opening Event

At the opening event, His Excellency, Mr. Edward Singhatey, provided an overview of the R4i initiative. He acquainting the participants with its objectives and importance. Following this, R4i facilitator Engr. Betty Ugona, delivered a presentation on emotional intelligence and its relevance to the innovation process.

To facilitate networking and knowledge exchange, participants were introduced to experts at Innov8 Hub. They also had the opportunity to introduce themselves, their respective institutions, and areas of discipline.

Dr. Obichi Obiajunwa, the Chief Facilitator of R4i, delivered an in-depth presentation on the scope of the R4i Initiative. He provided insights into the challenges that lie ahead. Additionally, participants were introduced to team formation, promoting a collaborative environment conducive to innovation. As a fitting conclusion to the opening event, the participants were given a comprehensive tour of Innov8 Hub and its state-of-the-art facilities, enhancing their understanding of the resources available to them throughout R4i 8.0.

Impact & Research in the Nigerian Academia: The Ripple Effect

The Research for Impact Initiative continues to pave the way for transforming novel ideas from academia into functional prototypes. With the support and sponsorship of the government through TETFund, industry experts provide valuable guidance and assistance in bringing these ideas to life. By fostering collaboration and innovation, R4i empowers Nigerian academics to make a lasting impact on society and drive meaningful change through their research endeavors.

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